Dec 12 2011

USB Host support for BlackBerry PlayBook (how to connect a pen drive to your PB)

Category: BlackBerry,Cacharros,Playbookguillem @ 12:40 PM

I’ve been finally able to get USB Host working on the PlayBook so now i can carry with lots more movies or watch the camera images directly on the PB. I posted a demo vídeo to show it working:

I’ll be posting instructions soon on how to do this on your PlayBook, so keep checking here for updates.

UPDATE: Instructions here: playbook USB host – eltecnoblog

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36 Responses to “USB Host support for BlackBerry PlayBook (how to connect a pen drive to your PB)”

  1. James Cooke says:

    Looks good. Is this as simple as creating an automount script to mount the USB stick and is the cable simply a micro USB connector soldered to a socket?

  2. kishan says:

    Great work…I have been wanting this feature for the longest time…kudos to you

  3. raul says:

    Gran trabajo, eres un fenomeno. Espero con impaciencia tu tutorial. He visto las mejores paginas web de blackberry y todas se hacen eco de tu trabajo. Enhorabuena.

  4. DAVID says:

    fenomeno, wao, pense que mi playbook no daria mas, gracias

  5. MªJesus Echeverri says:

    De verdad, cada dia estoy mas alucinada de lo que “veo” eres un genio, de verdad,es`pero con impaciencia poder leer tu tutorial, aunque me da un poco de miedo si sabre hacerlo, naci un poco pronto para todo esto, quizas vendas el adactador, te ire lleyendo con muchisimo gusto.¡ Animo y adelante!.
    Gracias y Feliz Navidad

  6. Harold says:

    Great news. I was almost returned my playbook. Cannot wait to have this function. Thanks.

  7. jason says:

    where are the instructions?

  8. Amandeep says:

    instructions ?

  9. cole says:

    cant wait! awesome work

  10. chuan liang says:

    Is there any software?

  11. Shazzamy says:

    I just thought I would inquire as to the status of the tutorial/writeup for this, when do you think the ETA is for that?

  12. Anwar Dawood says:

    I have been checking every single day for the instructions, some times several times in a day. I really want this feature to work on my playbook. Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find time to post the instuctions. It will be greatly appreciated. Thanks ever so much!

  13. Joseph says:

    Hey man, stop promising something you can’t deliver! Let’s face it, if you have not got to it by now, you will never get to it. Ok so maybe you are very busy, but there are many people around the world that are even busier than you are and still find the time to help others. Maybe you started with the intention of helping us, but now the only thing that you are doing is making everyone anxious and frustrated. So maybe with this comment you will stop teasing all of us and help us out!!!! By the way, I was going to try to do it my self, but I could not understand a word you said. This is what I can’t understand “so with a little help from Dingleberry and chicker shullaxis from hellabate I’ve been doing some testing”. Now, I know what Dingleberry is, but what in the Hell is “chicker shullaxis from hellabate”!!!!

  14. Salmander says:


    no point being rude. at least he had time to do this video – even if its a fake, its a decent fake !!

  15. Gulliver says:

    Please be honest here Sir, do you really have the instructions? If you do, can you please put them up. It will only take a couple of minutes but will make a lot of people happy. You did come back after your iniyial post of the video to let us know that, “you were late and were going to do it later on today” – so, again, please do it or at least let us know that you won’t or can’t do it and that we we start looking some where else.

    Hope you will read this and really do something good very very very soon or am I just dreaming in La La Land? Just let us know.

    Thank you!

  16. dablessing says:

    For those interested in this, head over to crackberry rooting forum. A few of us have gotten pretty close to figuring this out. I think a few of the memebers who are a bit more talented have figured this out. We just need to document the instructions. The RIM_usbmgr-Winchester is the driver that turns on/off the USB host mode. I just need to figure out how to access it.

  17. Gulliver says:

    Hello dablessing:

    I hope you and other ‘smart’ & ‘intelligent’ geniuses like you can come up with instructions on doing this. I would really be a neat thing to do with our playbooks. I think Mr. Guillem who posted this video won’t or perhaps cannot do it. It is really rude of him not to at least let everybody know when so many of us are counting on him to do something that he promised he will go many days ago.


  18. guillem says:

    Hi Joseph,

    I understand you being a bit upset about not having the howto. I was really hoping to post it much earlier but really haven’t had time.

    Anyway, i don’t see any need to be rude as Salmander says. I’m doing this to help anyone with a PlayBook and i think it is a nice contribution, but i really don’t expect anyone to be so agresive.

    By the way, i’m finishing the howto on doing this so you will see this is no fake.

    Hope it helps everyone there with a PlayBook.


  19. guillem says:

    Thanks Salmander. I’m totally with you. Despite being quite slow on publishing the howto (will be up today) I see no point on pushing people and getting so anoyed…

    Thanks for your support

  20. guillem says:

    Will be up today!

  21. Gulliver says:

    Hi Guillem:

    It’s Gulliver here again. Thanks sooooooooo much for being in touch and thanks for your efforts. On behalf of countless others like me, we are gratefull for your contribution. I can’t wait to get this going on my playbook.



  22. Gulliver says:

    Hi Guillem:

    Is it coming soon…….you did promise for today? I have been checking every hour…’s just killing me….please do it my friend!


  23. Gulliver says:

    Hello Hello Hello

    Instructions PLEASE!

  24. guillem says:

    Those are posted already ;)

  25. Gulliver says:

    Hi Guillem,

    Where are the instructions? You say they are posted? Where? I don’t see them here?

  26. Gulliver says:

    OK Guillem,

    Sorry…I think I found them. Thanks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

  27. guillem says:

    Don’t worry ;) Nice you found them!

  28. Paul says:

    Hey so how to i get this to work do i only run the last command? and if so can i copy it word from word and will it work?

  29. david horgan says:

    I have been checking every single day for the instructions, some times several times in a day. I really want this feature to work on my playbook. Can you PLEASE find time to post the instuctions. It will be greatly appreciated. Thanks ever so much!

  30. Gulliver says:

    Hi David,

    The instructions have already been up for a while. Just click on the ‘Blackberry’ thread on the top right and it will take you there.



  31. guillem says:

    Thanks for your collab Gulliver :)
    Just left a link on the initial post to help people find instructions.

  32. guillem says:

    @david horgan they’ve been up for a while! just posted a link to them on the original article.

  33. Freaked out! says:

    INSTRUCTIONS PLZ!! If you can’t clarify your position then this videos is deemed to be fake!

  34. guillem says:

    There is a new post since months ago with the instructions. It’s even linked on the original post. Please check things before getting mad.

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