Feb 21 2011

BBicing: Bicing App for Blackberry!

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UPDATE: There is a new version available which works properly again. You’ll find the link at the end of this post :)

After becoming tired of walking through Barcelona searching for bicing stations or trying to park a bike without knowing exactly where to find free places, I decided to create a blackberry app to query the Bicing service in an easy way from my Blackberry.

Having googlemaps and the BBicing application installed should be enough. Then you just need to launch BBicing and it will open googlemaps showing all stations and bike availability using nice icons. If you stay over the icon it will also show you free slots.

This is a ‘pre-alpha’ version if it can be called so, but it works for what i need. I hope it is useful for more people.

You can download it here (it’s completely free! anyway, comments are always nice as are also links to my blog :) ):

BBicing: Bicing app for Blackberry

NOTE: This is an OTA download to open on your Blackberry directly!

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