Dec 12 2011

USB Host support for BlackBerry PlayBook (how to connect a pen drive to your PB)

Category: BlackBerry,Cacharros,Playbookguillem @ 12:40 PM

I’ve been finally able to get USB Host working on the PlayBook so now i can carry with lots more movies or watch the camera images directly on the PB. I posted a demo vídeo to show it working:

I’ll be posting instructions soon on how to do this on your PlayBook, so keep checking here for updates.

UPDATE: Instructions here: playbook USB host – eltecnoblog

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Dec 12 2011

Problems uninstalling virtualbox-ose on Ubuntu 10.04

Category: Linux,Tutorial,Uncategorizedguillem @ 12:23 PM

Today i found a few problems trying to uninstall virtualbox-ose package for Ubuntu. The following happened:

Desinstalando virtualbox-ose …
* Stopping VirtualBox kernel modules                                            * Cannot unload module vboxdrv
invoke-rc.d: initscript virtualbox-ose, action “stop” failed.
dpkg: error al procesar virtualbox-ose (–remove):

To solve this issue, just edit the file /etc/default/virtualbox-ose as root and modify the line about kernel module loading and leave it at 0.

Aug 29 2011

Exim + MailScanner + Mail not delivered – Mail stuck on queue

Category: Linuxguillem @ 2:03 PM

If you have problems with an exim + MailScanner config where emails get into your system but then they get stuck on queue and not delivered to final destination (incoming exim works but the one that sends email to the outside world after MailScanner does not) be sure to check the file /etc/exim/trusted-configs

Inside this file you must specify the two config files that MailScanner should use. For example:

Hope to save sometime to someone… :)

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Apr 15 2011

Developing BlackBerry Playbook apps [part 1]

Category: BlackBerry,Cacharros,Código,Playbookguillem @ 1:29 AM

Continue reading “Developing BlackBerry Playbook apps [part 1]”

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Mar 16 2011

Effects of radiation exposure

Category: ciencia,Curiosidadesguillem @ 12:45 AM

With all the news that has lately followed the Japan nuclear plants incident I think it is really important to be as informed as possible about the subject. Today, vía twitter, I found this terrific diagram which gives an idea about the radiation levels that have been detected at Japan as well as the effects of different radiation exposure levels. All this is contained in the same scale to be able to do a direct eye comparison about the recorded Japan levels and the ones that produce distint damages to human body.

Tha diagram is from an Andrew Barr article’s at the National Post. You will also find there a really interesting source of updated information about the incident:

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