feb 28 2016

New blog start

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No, i’m not really planning on having a clean start for the blog. I’m just thinking about bringing it to life again. It’s been a long while since I haven’t done any update and I’d like to keep it more updated with different sets of things. From things I’m technically interested or fascinated by to just random thoughts.

There will probably be also some additional changes. First of all, I’m planning on changing the theme to something a bit more ‘modern’. I’m looking forward to using a theme as clean as possible. Ideally I’d like a theme that resembles the appearance of ghost blogging platform.

The next change will be regarding language. I’ve been writing some articles both in Spanish and English, but I find myself more and more in an english only environment so I guess that I’ll switch to writing only in English unless it’s something really directed to Spanish people.

Last but not least, I expect to be updating my blog at least a couple times a week. I don’t plan to write a full 10 page entry every time (It’s never been my style anyway) but at least try to include two new entries every week, even if those are not very long. I’m not the kind of people that enjoy writing per se, so I always try to go as quickly as possible to the point I’m trying to make.

I hope my very-few readers don’t mind the changes and at the same time, I hope that increasing the number of posts will help to improve my online profile and get me new readers.

Yours truly, Guillem

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